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First Mate Trunko

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Trunko is over the top, and sometimes way under the bottom but that's only where there are barnacles to be cleaned off the hull. He freaks out over everything and overreacting is his hobby. Which is not generally considered a great quality for a first mate, but when the chips are down, he orders a million more chips at wholesale prices and that's a bargain! When the Captain loves chips and you know how to buy them in bulk, then you've pretty much locked in your First Mate spot. Right for the job or not, First Mate Trunko and his trusty Capy-tan, are always off for adventures on the High Seas. Even though Trunko has never met the Captain, and isn't exactly sure where the Low Seas are. Do you have a boat? Do you consider yourself to have Captain-like qualities? Maybe you and Trunko should team up. What a pair.