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Tray NEW! 2016 clipProduct #: 99261

Tray is the brain of the bunch. Not because she is smart, but because she has threebrains... one in each lump, or one per eye, as Babo likes to point out. Tray is also thehungriest of all the Uglydolls, and has a desperate need for Blueberry Pie. Some sayher eyes are blue because of her craving for it. Tray often combines her hunger for piewith her brainpower to talk Babo into getting food for her.

USD$ 6.00

Fibby clipProduct #: 99164

Fibby is what you call outgoing. She goes out. Outside the BOX. Out into the wild world of the unknown of her mind. Introverts are known for being adventurers of the soul. Others may think Fibby is “quiet”, but that’s just because they can’t hear the inner awesomeness. Nothing wrong with extroverts! There’s room for all of us in this world.But extroverts are not introverts. Sorry. Not Fibby’s problem.

USD$ 6.00

BABO as Dr. McCoy clipProduct #: 4048632

Why you green blooded #$%&!!!THAT’S why Babo is going to the big convention as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy! Because if that’s how the U.S.S. Enterprise’s chief medical officer is allowed to carry on when he’s on the job, then surely cookies would be allowed on the bridge.What dat?

USD$ 11.00

WAGE as Captain Kirk clipProduct #: 4048631

Wage is going to the big convention dressed as Captain James T Kirk, because Kirk is the definition of cool. Operating within satisfactory parameters?Kirk doesn’t say stuff like that, he throws himself at three bad guys at once like a human bowling ball! Plus Kirk gets all the green cookies. That right there is enough for Wage. Energize.

USD$ 11.00

Sporko clipProduct #: 99167

Sporko is a nice guy, and nice guys always finish first.Mean guys think nice guys finish last, but that’s because mean guys always cross the wrong finish line without realizing it, and nice guys secretly let the mean guysblindly run in the wrong race. Too bad. Sporko is genuine real deal good guy material. Just don’t hold himupside down and use him to rake the yard. Then no more Mr. Nice guy.

USD$ 6.00

ICE BAT as Scotty clipProduct #: 4048676

Ice-Bat is going as Mr. Scott to the big convention. Ice-Bat’s favorite STAR TREK character is Mr. Scott because he’s the best at fixing everything right on time and he can beam you out of any situation anytime anywhere. But Ice-Bat wants you to know at no time has anyone on the show said “Beam me up Scotty”but perhaps they said “beam cookies this way”?Or none of those. Not sure. There be whales here!!!

USD$ 11.00

TRAY as Uhura - clipProduct #: 4048634

Tray is going to the big convention as her #1 hero ever in all the universe, Uhura! Lieutenant Uhura is chief communications officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise and can even translate the mess coming out of Babo’s mouth when he is eating several hundred cookies at once. Tray identifies with Uhura because she’s not only famous for many national television history firsts; she’s one cool lady who will double your chances of returning in one piece.

USD$ 11.00

KISS OX-Demon clipProduct #: 4042996

KISS! The entire Uglyverse has been rockin to KISSfor ages, like, since the 70’s. They want to have a KISSparty with you! Smoke machines, funky lights, amazingmagical guitar solos, and a HUGE buffet backstage.Man, did you know rock stars get all kinds of food and treats backstage?Deli sandwiches, bagels, the whole run. OX is one with the Demon! ...and not just because he lovescomic books and heavy metal. OX would like to rock n’ roll with you... OX is your backstage pass to good times.

USD$ 10.00

DC Comics Tray Wonderwoman clipProduct #: 4042988

Tray WonderwomanThe Uglys are headed to the local comic convention andthey are doing full force DC COMICS otaku cosplay.Tray is going as Wonder Woman and she’slooking forward to using the lasso of truth on OX, who parked her invisible jet and has since lost it. When you park an invisible jet, the number one thing you need to remember is where you parked!Tray also loves headbands, so yeah Wonder Woman is the perfect choice. Because of that and also super powers to match her super mind. Minds.

USD$ 10.00

Flash clipProduct #: 35043

Everybody is headed down to the big comic conventionand Jeero is going as The FLASH!The Flash is super fast! Just like Jeero!Jeero has a ton of stuff in common with The Flash.For example, Jeero pays his bills on time...The Flash has no pockets. Jeero also eats really fast!It's meant to be!Now Jeero needs you to join his super speedy team...because you can give him a lift to the convention...The Flash doesn't take the bus. No no no.

USD$ 10.00

Dream Bat clipProduct #: 99163

Every dream Dream Bat touches becomes real. Dream Bat makes your dreams come true.You know how you worry aboutsomething and then that thing never happens… because something worse happens instead?Well Dream Bat is here to assist you and help turn it all around, then her brother Ice-Bat can step in and freeze any obstacles in your path.Remember, problems are just natures little tests to see how bad you want to make your dreams come true. Unless you dream about donuts. Those are like 2 bucks and can be had with relatively no issues.

USD$ 6.00

KISS BIG TOE- Starchild clipProduct #: 4042998

KISS! The entire Uglyverse has been rockin to KISSfor ages, like, since the 70’s. They want to have a KISSparty with you! Smoke machines, funky lights, amazingmagical guitar solos, and a HUGE buffet backstage.Man, did you know rock stars get all kinds of food and treats backstage?Deli sandwiches, bagels, the whole run. Big Toe is one with Starchild!...and not just because he’s a starry-eyed lover.Big Toe wants you to take him with you on one of thoseamazing giant rock star tour busses! Minivan would work. Ride bikes?

USD$ 10.00

CLIP-BAD HAIR DAY ICE-BATProduct #: 4040789-Ice Bat (clip)

Ever have a bad hair day? Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?Ever look in the mirror hours after you left the house and realize your hairdo is 7 feet tall and purple?Ice-Bat feels how you feel. You know how sometimes your hair just feels frozen? Like no matter how you try, it just won’t behave? Even if you’re 100% bald, you can have a bad hair day... it’s a state of mind, and Ice-Bat is here to get up in your face a little bit and help you unfreeze your mind.Don’t need a comb, because there’s no mess to fix. Wear it proud. Chill with Ice-Bat.

USD$ 7.00

CLIP-ON FISHYProduct #: 4035788

You know how you just want to throw your hands up in the air when you’ve had just about enough? Well Fishy has his arms up pretty much all the time, because he’s had it up to here (top of his forehead ) with just about everything! You know how the shorter line at the super market somehow goes slower than the long one and the last guy in that line (who tried to cut you off earlier in the parking lot), now gets to go first? Dude! Well, Fishy is right behind you in the line of life. He has seen his fair share of WHAT THE HEEEEY moments and… wait, you know what? You guys should totally hang out. With his experience and your smarts, perhaps you can win one for the home team. Also, your arms match.

USD$ 6.00

CLIP-ON HOT FOOTProduct #: 4035787

You know the one thing Hot Foot really doesn’t like so much? The sheep herd mentality! What’s with all the posers and followers? Go buy some tan pants with the funky plaid pockets, then POW, nobody else gets them! How can NOBODY else like what Hot Foot likes? What a bunch of copy cats! Get it? See, because they all copy each other not liking what he likes. But know what Hot Foot does like? Originality! Oh and you are overflowing with that, obviously! I mean look at what you’re holding. Hot Foot likes long walks in the park, listening to the radio, wearing fedoras, and a ton of other stuff nobody else likes. He’s a total taste maker. Food? Hot Foot has been eating his whole life. Hang with Hot Foot and avoid the sheep together.

USD$ 6.00

Clip On Ninja Batty ShogunProduct #: 20433

Batty Shogun always wondered why toys having nothing to do with Ninjas would add ninja costumes to their line up. Just to look cool? Because Ninjas are rad?Well, Batty Shogun thinks that's kinda "œmeh". See, when Batty Shogun fliesaround at night with his best pal Ice-Bat, he does up the real dealio in an actualNinja costume. No red flames, stripes or other crazy decorations. No spelling Ninja with a "œZ" at the end. Just straight up stealth mode, that's how he rolls.No sword though...those are sharp!


2010 Parent's Choice Award Winner

Where else is Ninja Batty Shogun? Right here!
Ninja Batty Shogun Uglydolls

USD$ 6.00