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Uglydoll School PlannerProduct #: 9780811867436

Uglydoll School Planner -- Featuring the irresistible Uglydolls, this
school planner makes it easy to get"and stay!"organized. This
brand-new format includes weekly calendars, practical tips, more
than 150 stickers for highlighting important events, and an elastic
band to hold it together. Non year-specific, this acetate-covered planner
is sturdy and can be adopted any time during any year. Now Uglydoll
fans of all ages will be able to stay on top of their homework, activities,
and busy social lives.

7-1/2 x 9 in; 88 pp ; 2 sticker sheets, Wire-O binding, elastic band, full-color throughout
Ages 10 and up

USD$ 14.99

Ice-Bat Orange JournalProduct #: 9780811857314

USD$ 14.95

WHAT DAT?Product #: 9780375864346

Look out, Richard Scarry! There's a new busy word book in town"and Ugly has never looked better! The wildly popular Uglydoll characters are sharing their bright and colorful Uglyverse down to the tiniest detail. Featuring over 563 labeled wacky and regular words, readers will have a blast with lots and lots to search for, point to, and wonder about.

What dat? Dat, folks, is a whole wide world of Ugly fun!

What Dat Hardcover Book measures10" X 11-3/4
Ages 6 & Up

USD$ 14.99

Babo's Cookie ProblemProduct #: 9780375854293

David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim have done it again, rolling out a second Ugly Doll picture book bristling with Big Themes: greed, jealousy, and most controversial of all, sharing! After Babo selfishly refuses to share his BIG cookie, it slips from his grasp and tumbles away, attracting cookie hunters from all over Uglytown. Trademark crazy colorful characters and an oh-so-touchable embroidered cover sporting original Ugly fabric will make this a hit.

Format: Non-traditional book, 32 page Picture Book

Where else is Babo? Right here!
=0&y=0" target="_blank">Babo Uglydolls

USD$ 12.99

Chilly Chilly Ice-BatProduct #: 9780375845079

It's summer in the Uglyverse, and Wage and Babo's air conditioner has
broken down, so they head to Ox and Wedgehead's Air Conditioner
Emporium, where the only cooling mechanism they can afford is an
old fashioned ice-box. They bring it home, and soon realize they are in
for more of a stew than they bargained for when they find little Ice-Bat
living inside! Since everything he touches turns to ice, Wage and Babo's
apartment cools off in no time.But when word gets out, greedy Ox and
Wedgehead can't believe they sold Ice-Bat for only five dollars. They
decide they want him for the Air Conditioner Emporium.

Format: Non-traditional book, 32 page Picture Book

Where else is Ice-Bat? Right here!
=0&y=0" target="_blank">Ice-Bat Uglydolls

USD$ 12.99

Hey Ugly! Babo JournalProduct #: 811863179

Having a bad day? Babo's got your back! With a high-quality plush and embroidered cover, this quirky journal will bring a smile to any Uglydoll fan.

Journal is 6-3/8 x 7-1/8 in; 96 pp ; embroidered plush cover, for all ages Hardcover
Published in March, 2008

Where else is Babo? Right here!
=0&y=0" target="_blank">Babo Uglydolls

USD$ 14.95

Hey Ugly! Uglyworm JournalProduct #: 811863162

Uglydoll Uglyworm Journal -- Some Uglyworms are sneaky. Some are crafty. All are hungry . . . for knowledge!Like where do you keep the carrot cake? How long before ice cream goes bad? They want knowledge, because knowledge is power. They want power to do great and wonderful things. They also want your power.

Journal is 6-3/8 x 7-1/8 in; 96 pp ; embroidered plush cover, for all ages Hardcover
Published in March, 2008

Where else is Uglyworm? Right here!
=0&y=0" target="_blank">Uglyworm Uglydolls

USD$ 14.95

Hey Ugly! Notebook SetProduct #: 811859193

With handy perforated pages, these four pocket-sized notebooks feature the irresistible Uglydolls.

Four notebooks: 3-3/4 x 5-1/2 in. each, 48 pp each,Paperback,Published in September, 2007

USD$ 9.95

Hey Ugly! Address BookProduct #: 811858685

With a high-quality plush, silk-screened cover, this cushy address book is a must-have for all Uglydoll fans. Each tab features the best of the Uglys!

5 x 5-1/2 in; 144 pp ; padded 6-color silkscreen cover, one-piece case, 21 die-cut tabs, color illustrationsHardcover,Published in September, 2007

USD$ 14.95

Hey Ugly! Ox JournalProduct #: 811857816

Ox wants to hang out with you. Why? He needs you.

This quirky journal-with an embroidered plush cover - will be irresistible to Uglydoll fans.

Journal is 6-3/8 x 7-1/8 in; 96 pp ; embroidered plush coverHardcoverPublished in March, 2007 by Chronicle Books.

Where else is OX? Right here!
=0&y=0" target="_blank">Ox Uglydolls

USD$ 14.95

Hey Ugly! Fold & Mail StationeryProduct #: 811857406

Uglydoll airmail! Just write, moisten, fold, and stamp"voila, little monsters are on their way to your friends and family.

Fold & Mail Stationery is 7-1/8 x 10 in; 40 pp ; 40 sheets (5 designs repeating 8 times)PaperbackPublished in March, 2007

USD$ 8.95

Uglydoll Comic Volume 3- Eat Dat!Product #: 57243

USD$ 7.99

Uglydoll Comic Volume 2-SHHHHHHH!Product #: 57236

SHHHHHHHH!Hear that? That's okay. We don't either.Because everything is very, very quiet. Especially the secret secrets: identities, hiding places and crushes. Plus there's a library, donuts and the silent science of ninjocity. We'd like to tell you more, but it's all very hush-hush. So get in there and read all about it! Silently, of course.Psst! Make some noise for special guest artists Chanmen, Peter Fowler and Bwana Spoons!UGLYDOLL Comics-Volume 2 of a 4 Volume Release. Get them all!

USD$ 7.99

Uglydoll Comic Volume 4- My Hero?Product #: 557250

USD$ 7.99

Uglydoll Comic Volume 1-Goin' PlacesProduct #: 55225

Goin' Places!For the first time ever, the Uglydolls star in their own comic book adventures, and youre invited! Join the Uglys as they rocket into space, travel back in time and sail the seven seas. Or at least one of them. Plus guest artists Eisner-winner James Kochalka, and Mike LM Kelly lend their Ugly talents and storytelling.You dont need a passport or drivers license to ride this ride, but please bring cookies!UGLYDOLL Comics - Volume 1 of a 4 Volume Release. Get them all

USD$ 7.99

Uglydoll Card GameProduct #: 234

The Awfully Fast, Awfully Fun Card Game

Join OX, Wedgehead and the rest of the Uglydolls in their first ever fast-action card game.
Turn over cards until you spot three matching Uglys.
Then race like an Ice-Bat out of Heck to grab a match before they all get snatched.

Claim the most cards and you claim the game. Winning isn't always pretty, but it's always fun!

As seen and played on the NBC Today Show.DETAILS:
Ages: 6 & Up
Players: 2 To 6

* Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
* Parent's Choice Approved Award
* National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
* iParenting Media Award

By Gamewright

USD$ 11.00