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ICE BAT OHM BeadProduct #: AAU004-2

Ice-Bat, comes from an Ice Cave and loves hiding inside Ice Chests. Ice-Bat thinks you are cool and he wants to chill with you.

USD$ 45.00

OX OHM BeadProduct #: AAU003-2

What kind of name is OX? No, not like the animal OX, as in HUG and KISS! How can he hug you with such short arms? OX uses his ears! He's not a very good listener, but he puts his ears to good use in many other ways! OX is great at magic, and his best trick is turning your stuff into his stuff.

USD$ 45.00

BABO OHM BeadProduct #: AAU002-2

Babo will protect you. Having a bad day? Someone giving you a hard time? Babo's got your back. What Babo lacks in mind power, he makes up for in love.

USD$ 45.00

WAGE-OHM BeadProduct #: AAU001

Wage is a hard worker, just like you! He works at the local Super Mart and wears his apron to serve his customers best. Does Super Mart know that Wage works there? Nope. But Wage doesn't mind.He likes to put things in bags, especially snacks.

USD$ 45.00