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Uglydoll Comic Volume 3- Eat Dat!Product #: 57243

USD$ 7.99

Uglydoll Comic Volume 2-SHHHHHHH!Product #: 57236

SHHHHHHHH!Hear that? That's okay. We don't either.Because everything is very, very quiet. Especially the secret secrets: identities, hiding places and crushes. Plus there's a library, donuts and the silent science of ninjocity. We'd like to tell you more, but it's all very hush-hush. So get in there and read all about it! Silently, of course.Psst! Make some noise for special guest artists Chanmen, Peter Fowler and Bwana Spoons!UGLYDOLL Comics-Volume 2 of a 4 Volume Release. Get them all!

USD$ 7.99

Uglydoll Comic Volume 4- My Hero?Product #: 557250

USD$ 7.99

Uglydoll Comic Volume 1-Goin' PlacesProduct #: 55225

Goin' Places!For the first time ever, the Uglydolls star in their own comic book adventures, and youre invited! Join the Uglys as they rocket into space, travel back in time and sail the seven seas. Or at least one of them. Plus guest artists Eisner-winner James Kochalka, and Mike LM Kelly lend their Ugly talents and storytelling.You dont need a passport or drivers license to ride this ride, but please bring cookies!UGLYDOLL Comics - Volume 1 of a 4 Volume Release. Get them all

USD$ 7.99