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CUDDLY UGLY ICE-BATProduct #: 4035798

Ice-Bat lives in an ice cave inside an icebox. Anything he touches turns to iceYet he warms your heart!Ice-Bat is lookin to chill with you. He wants to sit next to your computer (which is also frozen) and hang out.Ice-Bat wants to go with you.Why?He thinks you are cool.Ice-Bat wants to hang around with youAnd he would like to hang upside downtoo if you have the space.

USD$ 40.00

CUDDLY UGLY OXProduct #: 4035797

What kind of name is OX?No, not like the animalOX as in HUG and KISS!How can he hug you with such short arms?OX uses his ears!He's not a very good listener, but he putshis ears to good use in many other ways!Tuck them in your shirt and take OX on a stroll!OX is great at magic, and his best trick isturning your stuff into his stuff.His best buddy Wedgehead calls thatstealing, but OX just wants to borrow thingsfrom you for a few hundred years. He promisesto put everything back when he's done.What he wants to steal the most is yourheart, and he promises to be your friend ifyou would lend him a hand, or an ear...or like two dollars!

USD$ 40.00

CUDDLY UGLY BABOProduct #: 4035796

Babo will protect you. Having a bad day? Someone giving you a hard time? Babo's got your back. What Babo lacks in mind power, he makes up for in love. Hes everybodys best friend. He will stick with you to the end and when something scary happens, he will send you a nice greeting card from wherever it is he runs away to.A very curious, mischievous creature, Babo may need some guidance and parenting, so make sure to bring him with you to as many places as possible. Leaving him at home is fine, but please put all cookies and money on the highest shelf.

USD$ 40.00