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Valentine-OX-BFF (7")Product #: 4037583-OX-BFF

USD$ 10.00

LITTLE UGLY-GORGEOUSProduct #: 4035784

Gorgeous is outrageous! Shes the ultimate people,.. Ugly and her motto is: Its who you know, as long as that who is you. She knows exactly who she is and wants to know more about who you think you are. Hey and who are you? She also loves unicorns, rainbows, and code. You know how most kids learn basic coding before moving onto elementary school? Well Goregeous was writing open source dual screen enabled API algorithms before she could walk, and completed her first 8-bit conversion of her retro video game collection via dual format emulators by the time she was a toddler. In other words, please take this kid outside and show her some sunshine. No, not that sunshine! The kind you got up in there! ( points to your brain )

USD$ 10.00

LITTLE UGLY-FISHYProduct #: 4035783

You know how you just want to throw your hands up in the air when youve had just about enough? Well Fishy has his arms up pretty much all the time, because hes had it up to here (top of his forehead ) with just about everything! You know how the shorter line at the super market somehow goes slower than the long one and the last guy in that line (who tried to cut you off earlier in the parking lot), now gets to go first? Dude! Well, Fishy is right behind you in the line of life. He has seen his fair share of WHAT THE HEEEEY moments and wait, you know what? You guys should totally hang out. With his experience and your smarts, perhaps you can win one for the home team. Also, your arms match.

USD$ 10.00

LITTLE UGLY-CHEESYProduct #: 4035781

Cheesy is the laziest cat in the world. I mean, this cat doesnt want to do ANYTHING. Do that trick with the string so you can get on the best funny home movies show and win a huge ball of cash? Nope, not happening. Bring in the newspaper then? No again, this cat rolls online only. Catch a mouse? Yeah well forget that, theyve cut a deal and seem to be working together to make sure as little as possible gets done. Lazy! How about suddenly darting into another room for no reason, like most normal cats? Never! There could be inter dimensional doorways letting in sprits and ghosts right in front of you, this cat just sits there. So youre made for each other then. LOVE!

USD$ 10.00

Little BentProduct #: 10478

Little Bent is out of control! Nonstop moving around! Looking out the window all day long dreaming
.while drooling! There's no stopping this one! You know those things called stop signs? Good luck trying to explain those things to Little Bent! And there's nothing little about this big time go getter. Know how sometimes when it is super quiet and you can hear a tiny ringing in your ears? That's Little Bent in another country ordering lunch. I know, right?


USD$ 20.00