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Cookie Chef BaboProduct #: 93328

Cookie Chef Babo. If the cookie is the reward and baking is the hard work, then Babo knows you understand what it takes to get from point A to point B. It takes about 2 minutes? No no Babo OK, look Sure you can grab packaged cookies or pop some ready dough in the microwave with all that radiation, etc... but if you work at it, and give it your all, you can enjoy the truly rewarding taste of baked goodness.. OK, he ate the dough, nevermind.

USD$ 20.00

Learning Express Nandy BearProduct #: 93320

Ok so you may have Nandy Bear all figured out but there's still a lot about you Nandy has to learn! No time to waste! Hey that's why they call it Learning Express. This special edition of Nandy Bear was created special for Learning Express, but he was made for you. And you are a limited edition of one. OK so now that everyone is special and everything, let's go have some fun already.



Where else is Nandy Bear? Right here!
=76&y=4 " target="_blank">Nandy Bear Uglydolls

USD$ 20.00

POWER BABOProduct #: 90322

Babo wants to be your side-kick. He knows who you really are, there is no fooling him! OK, so maybe that last part is pushing it, but he knows your secret power is soon to be revealed to the world. He knows you have the unlimited potential to be what you were meant to be! He knows there's no stopping you! Someone with that much power would be a great help when reaching for the highest cookie jar. Babo believes in you.Power Babo is 12"-14" tall.

USD$ 20.00

Secret Mission IcebatProduct #: 80071

Wage, Babo, and the Uglydolls decide to go on a sort of Ninja type mystery adventure...a sort of quest.The mission? You know the cookies and snack foods you've been munching on? Yeah they want some of those. Or more than just some. Probably all. Ice-Bat lives in the freezer. Yeah but can he crash at your freezer while he's on this whole Ninja mystery mission adventure dealio?


Where else is Ice-Bat? Right here!
=0&y=0" target="_blank">Ice-Bat Uglydolls

USD$ 20.00

Little Ugly-Fea Bea YellowProduct #: 51301

Ugly Sticks are sort of like the perfect sidekicks to have with you
at all times in the Uglyverse. They are there for you. Feeling sad?
Ugly Sticks will knock that right out of you. POW! Happy now? No
wait...Feeling really Ugly? GOOD! Ugly means UNIQUE! Anyone
can retouch a photo to look beautiful, but you can't fake Ugly!
Celebrate how truly Ugly you really are with Ugly Stick and show
us what you've got!


Where else is Fea Bea? Right here!
=89&y=26 " target="_blank">Fea Bea Uglydolls

USD$ 10.00

Citizen #2-NopyProduct #: 42402

Nopy is small. Nopy is tiny. Nopy is a wee lad. Nopy is HUGE! Thats right! He may be small on the outside, but has big things going on on the inside! Big dreams, big ideas, and big plan for the two of you. Youre into being a part of something big, right? Well then follow little Nopy. Hell make it happen for you. Big time!


USD$ 15.00

Uglydoll Origins-Babo (11")Product #: 4043009

Ugly means unique.Ugly means different.Never hide or cover or changeThat which makes youYOU.Those little twists and turnswhich makes us who we areneed to come out.When we hide who we really are,the world suffers.When we shout who we really arefrom the rooftops,we push the human race forward.Ugly is the new beauty.

USD$ 15.00

Lavendar Wippy with Lollipop 11"Product #: 4040716

Peace and Love! Wippy is all about peace and love. That's why Wippy wants to be with you. Wippy wants to roll with the peaceful love crew. No haters! Wippy can't stand haters. Haters hate because they secretly wish they could do what you and Wippy are going to do, which involves not being afraid to be exactly who and what you were born to be, with zero fear! Right? Hello? Right so clear a path haters, here coms peace, love, and also candy. Uglys gonna get ugly.

USD$ 18.00

Tae Kwon WageProduct #: 4036802

Wage is all about focus. Studying the way of Tae Kwon helps him keep his focus, and helps him remember to respect those around him. Wage is a black belt in focus and respect. In fact, listen to this... one time Wage was walking down a dark alley and he saw a shadowy figure approach him. It was Jeero! Jeero was really freaking out on him.... WAGE! Why in the world are you walking down a dark alley?! Its dark and you can step on nails or knock over trash cans! That makes a huge mess and inconvenience others! So Wage used the way of Tae Kwon.

USD$ 18.00

Mathlete BaboProduct #: 4036801

2+2=cookie.That's right!Babo loves math tests! You know how on math tests, there's these little blank spaces to put the answers? Well, Babo fills those with drawings of UFOs... he doesn't pass, but is he wrong? See? Think about that for a second. Do you believe on beings living on a planet in outer space? Babo does, and hopefully you do too, because, you know, that's what you are! And since you and Babo are BOTH from a planet in space, perhaps you guys can help each other become leaders, because if aliens or interdimensional beings really do land, they're obviously coming to see you guys first. Solve THAT math problem!

USD$ 18.00

Heavy Lifter Ice-BatProduct #: 4036793


USD$ 18.00

Jeero with PretzelProduct #: 4036792

Hi, my name is Jeero.Congrats, you're going to buy me a pretzel.This one? This one is my stunt double, but I needmy eating version. Oh, you don't buy a stunt doublewhen you buy pretzels? That's a big goof on your part.Let me explain. See, if you buy one pretzel, everyone will wantto try some, and want you to share, andthey will grab at it using germ fingers.So you've gots to have your back up.Share all day, be a good spirit and all that,then turn the corner and eat upyour own private pretzel all on your own.No germy mess, no crying.Don't thank me, let's do pretzels.

USD$ 18.00

Ice-Bat with Ice CreamProduct #: 4036790

Ice-Bat's social network stream is filled withtons and tons of pics showing off melted ice cream.Melted Chocolate, melted cookies and cream,you name it, Ice-Bat posts it. Ice-Bat has ice-cream all up and down his feed,and he wants so very much for you to follow him!But also, to be honest, he's getting a littletired of the mobile texting deal and wants to CHILL with you, IN PERSON because you are COOL, and youlike CHOCOLATE! For other reasons too, such asyou are a nice person who has money for more ice cream.

USD$ 18.00

CLASSIC FISHYProduct #: 4035778

You know how you just want to throw your hands up in the air when youve had just about enough? Well Fishy has his arms up pretty much all the time, because hes had it up to here (top of his forehead ) with just about everything! You know how the shorter line at the super market somehow goes slower than the long one and the last guy in that line (who tried to cut you off earlier in the parking lot), now gets to go first? Dude! Well, Fishy is right behind you in the line of life. He has seen his fair share of WHAT THE HEEEEY moments and wait, you know what? You guys should totally hang out. With his experience and your smarts, perhaps you can win one for the home team. Also, your arms match.

USD$ 20.00

CLASSIC HOT FOOTProduct #: 4035777

You know the one thing Hot Foot really doesnt like so much? The sheep herd mentality! Whats with all the posers and followers? Go buy some tan pants with the funky plaid pockets, then POW, nobody else gets them! How can NOBODY else like what Hot Foot likes? What a bunch of copy cats! Get it? See, because they all copy each other not liking what he likes. But know what Hot Foot does like? Originality! Oh and you are overflowing with that, obviously! I mean look at what youre holding. Hot Foot likes long walks in the park, listening to the radio, wearing fedoras, and a ton of other stuff nobody else likes. Hes a total taste maker. Food? Hot Foot has been eating his whole life. Hang with Hot Foot and avoid the sheep together.

USD$ 20.00

CLASSIC COLD FEETProduct #: 4035775

Cold Feet is a little unsure about how all of this is supposed to work. Ok, so lets say you do buy him and take him home with you - does he get his own room? Because Cold Feet is not really into sharing so much. He needs his own space, his own comb, his own big mug with his face on it, and he needs you to write all of this down so you dont forget it. No? Well then Cold Feet hopes that you at least know what YOU want so he can stand in the shadow of your awesome ability to get what you want, when you need it assuming what you need is love, happiness, and freakin awesome baked goods. Stuff like that.

USD$ 20.00

Sleepy Chilly IceBatProduct #: 10484

Ice-Bat lives in an ice box. Everything he touches turns to ice... Yet he warms your heart. Aww! Yeah so anyway when Ice-Bat goes to bed he likes to wear his lucky singing hat and angel wing mittens. As he hangs there waiting for sleep to come Ice-Bat can sing a tune and his hat can join in on the lullaby. What do you sing when you're getting ready for bed? Why not have a sleepover with Ice-Bat and his lucky hat. You'll be singing a different tune in no time!

USD$ 20.00